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Zu Artikeln, die älter als 90 Tage sind, können keine Kommentare hinzugefügt werden.


In this day and age when so many people are out of work it awlays takes me by suprise to hear this comment its not my job . I awlays make sure when I interview someone I give them a copy of the job description and discuss the expectations and make sure I awlays include the phrase at the bottom that any other task assigned is included in the job description. I am also suprised by the number of people I have heard in management at some facilities that say this same thing. Ii awlays think this is probably the basis of why there is a problem with some of the staff making this same comment. Trickles down from the top, but it has no place in our world today.

Autor: Ashlee, Datum: 22.11.2015